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Ministry Leaders: Chela Addison- Brown and Christopher Nelson


The mission of the Creative Arts Ministry is to empower our young people to express their creative purpose with the mediums of visual arts are technology.


Purpose: Our ultimate goal is to see Jesus celebrated in every area of ministry by enhance the creative ability of our young people through the use of technology, photography, and art.


Meeting: Every second Saturday of the month 

Time: 11 AM

Ages: 12-18

Dance Ministry

Ministry Leaders:

Angela Conyers - Director

Mary Miller - Administrator

O'Kicha White - Al - Choreographer

Trinity Conyers - KP Choreographer





Kingdom People Dance Ministry

Saturdays (TBA)

12 PM - 2 PM

Ages 5-11

Another Level Dance Ministry

Saturdays (TBA)

12 PM - 2 PM

Ages 12-21

For updates and questions please contact Erica Brown


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